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Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls is located in the heart of Olympic National Park, and the trailhead to reach it is the gateway to the back country of the Olympic Mountains. Surrounded by the ancient forests of giant coastal Cedar, Hemlock and Douglas Fir, and dampened by the lush, mossy undergrowth, the falls’ rumbling, rushing music echoes through the forest as it has for thousands of years, unaware of the chaos of our human world. This area of the park was reportedly the quietest place on Earth at one time, a distinction that seems nearly impossible in the face of the relentless modern cacophony. This short time-lapse film was made at the very end of the day, as the light was fading and the trail was almost empty. This is a blended timed exposure, time-lapse film, shot with a Leicina Super camera and intervalometer using Kodak Ektachrome Super 8mm film. The Variagon lens was wide open and the shutter was set at a quarter of a second, creating the ghostly, pulsing contrails of the falling water. The sounds of the falls were captured with a stereo digital field recorder.