Arvada to Fish Creek

Arvada, Colorado to Fish Creek, Wisconsin in Five Minutes. This film was shot on Kodak Super 8mm color reversal film, using a Leicina camera equipped with an electronic intervalometer. The camera rig was placed in a weather proof enclosure and attached to the top of a vehicle for the 1200 mile, three day journey. A single frame was captured about every ten seconds, yielding 250 feet of film in total. When spliced together, this time-lapse footage creates a single remarkable, continuous take of the cross country road trip. A dizzying tour of the cacophonous and beautiful American roadside. Kodak D200 Reversal Film / Leicina Super Camera. A Wayside Films Production.

2 thoughts on “Arvada to Fish Creek

    1. S.H. Johnson says:

      Leicina Super 8mm camera with a Variagon Zoom Lens and a Leicina Intervalometer. Reported to be the first fully electronic Super 8mm camera on the market (circa 1970). Thanks for your interest.


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