Wayside Films

Garden Mural Genesis

At Project Prepare’s Summer Arts Camp, I collaborated with a group of twenty young artists to create public artwork for our community gardens. Working from my conceptual drawings and paintings, it took about a month of day camp for us to complete this mural for […]

Frozen Dead Guy Days

In 1993, a Norwegian named Trygve Bauge brought the frozen corpse of his grandfather, Bredo Morstoel, to the tiny mountain town of Nederland, Colorado.  Trygve and his Mother, Aud, had planned to create a cryogenics institute with a special place to indefinitely suspend Bredo’s body […]

Arvada to Fish Creek

Arvada, Colorado to Fish Creek, Wisconsin in Five Minutes. This film was shot on Kodak Super 8mm color reversal film, using a Leicina camera equipped with an electronic intervalometer. The camera rig was placed in a weather proof enclosure and attached to the top of […]