Wayside Films

The Photographic Collage

Part documentary photographic essay and part studio construction, the photographic collage is an interesting hybrid artifact. Particularly with the use of film negatives and prints, the process took on a challenging, almost accidental quality. The result could be mundane, disastrous, or the definition of the […]

Photographic Triplets

Artists and photographers have used the Tryptich format for centuries to reinforce themes and refine their formal presentations. Related images and motifs have a revealing dynamic within the context of the work overall, and can clarify or obscure an artist’s concept. It’s an excellent tool […]

The Art of Design

Although in recent years artists and designers have relied more on digital workflows, and less on the humble handmade drawing to conceptualize their work, I still prefer the old-fashioned method. Beautifully evocative of the finished work while still able to match the technical precision that […]