Photographic Triplets

Artists and photographers have used the Tryptich format for centuries to reinforce themes and refine their formal presentations. Related images and motifs have a revealing dynamic within the context of the work overall, and can clarify or obscure an artist’s concept. It’s an excellent tool […]

The Art of Design

Although in recent years artists and designers have relied more on digital workflows, and less on the humble handmade drawing to conceptualize their work, I still prefer the old-fashioned method. Beautifully evocative of the finished work while still able to match the technical precision that […]

Fish in a Barrel

This animated short film was created using a hybrid animation approach, stitching together thousands of digitally processed stills to make up individual scenes in the GIF format and then compiling those in video editing software. A musical score, sound effects and dialogue can also be […]

Olde Town’s Gold Line

As spring gets rolling in Arvada, everyone in town is awaiting the opening of our new commuter rail Gold Line.  It’s been plagued with the same operational and signalling bugs as Denver’s Airport Line.  Both routes are actually high-speed heavy rail lines running the beautiful […]

Texture in Photographs

The element of texture in still life and landscape photography is constant, dynamic and always shifting. A well crafted image has an uncanny ability to capture and communicate the subtlest of textural nuance. Here’s a few examples from images over the years, scanned from the […]

Frozen Dead Guy Days

In 1993, a Norwegian named Trygve Bauge brought the frozen corpse of his grandfather, Bredo Morstoel, to the tiny mountain town of Nederland, Colorado.  Trygve and his Mother, Aud, had planned to create a cryogenics institute with a special place to indefinitely suspend Bredo’s body […]

The New Ektachrome

In a major developement for filmshooters, Kodak announced that it would introduce a new version of it’s classic and beloved Ektachrome Reversal film for photographers and cinematographers. The announcement, at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, represents a tidal shift in consumer sentiment and […]

Arvada to Fish Creek

Arvada, Colorado to Fish Creek, Wisconsin in Five Minutes. This film was shot on Kodak Super 8mm color reversal film, using a Leicina camera equipped with an electronic intervalometer. The camera rig was placed in a weather proof enclosure and attached to the top of […]